CaffeinatedZen LLC is an Incident Response and IT Security Consulting company.

Each of our employees has at least 12 years of Computer Security experience, most with a focus on Incident Response and Security Investigations.

Highlights of our work have been actionable results provided for US Military Intelligence on the front lines of both Iraq and Afghanistan, in executive boardrooms delivered to the COO and executive board members.

Our forensics technicians have a history of handling classified data and preparing evidence for legal departments within government programs and Fortune level companies. Electronic evidence required during a legal investigation will receive the special attention that you need with CaffeinatedZen’s eDiscovery experts.

Your computer system is only as secure as your physical onsite security. When an intruder is able to physically access a system, any security measures that are in place are easily compromised and access to your business data and network are at risk.

Our staff has been government trained in both physical and operational security design and penetration. We have a history of covert investigations within secure organizations and will treat your site with the care and diligence that you require.