Over a long enough timeline, your business need for Forensic Incident Response is an inevitable probability.

In today’s society business documents are almost entirely in electronic form and computer storage is doubling in size at a rate of every 18 months.

Electronic Discovery is becoming an ever more complex and necessary part of normal business operations. Personal computers and cell phones can now store multiple encyclopedias worth of information and require complex search algorithms in order to discover the needle’s worth of vital evidence necessary during legal or internal litigation.

Your data is essential to the organization’s business survival and it is vital that the collection, preservation, and presentation of evidentiary data is handled both securely and professionally.

CaffeinatedZen LLC is an Incident Response and Computer Security Consulting company with each employee having at least 20 years of Computer Security experience with a focus on Incident Response and Forensic Investigations, both through highly classified government agencies and Fortune Level companies.

Highlights of our work have been actionable results provided for US Military Intelligence on the front lines of both Iraq and Afghanistan, in executive boardrooms delivered to the COO and executive board members.

Our forensics technicians have a history of handling classified data and preparing evidence for legal departments within government programs and Fortune level companies. Electronic evidence required during a legal investigation will receive the special attention that you need with CaffeinatedZen’s eDiscovery experts.

Your computer system is only as secure as your physical onsite security. When an intruder is able to physically access a system, any security measures that are in place are easily compromised and access to your business data and network are at risk.

Our staff has been government trained in both physical and operational security design and penetration. We have a history of covert investigations within secure organizations and will treat your site with the care and diligence that you require.

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We are a team of IT professionals all with a minimum of a decade of IT Security experience for each managing member, each of us is operating in a different section of the world, our response time is limited only by your imagination.

The sooner you act the sooner we can react.