One day your business will need to handle an IT Security incident.

How you respond will determine your organization’s survival.

Every 11 seconds Ransomware cripples a new business.

Today, business documents are almost entirely in created, transmitted, and stored in electronic form.

Incident Response is becoming an ever more complex and necessary part of normal business operations. Personal computers and cell phones can now store encyclopedias worth of sensitive business information and require complex search algorithms in order to discover the needle’s worth of vital evidence necessary during legal or internal litigation.

Your data is essential to the organization’s business survival and it is vital that the collection, preservation, and presentation of evidentiary data is handled both securely and professionally.

CaffeinatedZen LLC has been helping companies with their Incident Response capabilities for over 20 years. We have worked for three letter organizations, Fortune level corporations, the US Military, and small/medium business operations.

Your computer system is only as secure as your weakest link. We can help you find and improve your security posture.